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Last modified: August 10, 2017

MAGNESIACORE Breathable Wall & Roof Systems

Magnesiacore is a fully breathable material being 26% air by volume and microscopically of sponge-like consistency. This can be examined by placing a piece of the material in a bucket of water and watching it float briefly and then see it slowly sink as it becomes fully waterlogged. (Magnesiacore will dry out unharmed after getting waterlogged)

These important natural properties not only make magnesiacore excellent at holding on to most all types of coatings, paints, fillers and adhesives but in fact allows for constructing walls and roofs that breathe rather than trap moisture. This helps prevent stale and unhealthy air, growth of mold and mildew, allergy and sensitivity causes and other unnatural environments from building up inside buildings and walls which tends to be the case when building with common paper, plastic and metallic sheet materials.

Magnesiacore has partnered with a variety of products that Magnesiacore can provide for interior and exterior coatings that are impervious to liquid water and provide natural waterproofing materials, for wall coating, decorative stucco rendering, as well as waterproofing for walls, horizontal decks and roofing. Some are so resistant they can be used as traffic surface coatings impervious to long standing puddles of water; yet in each case allowing the magnesiacore below it to breathe and release moisture vapors and other gasses.

Air and Vapor Transmission Rate (PERMS) can be varied depending on desired characteristics and environmental considerations. The higher the perm rate the more air and vapor can pass through. (Plastic Vapor Barriers have perm rates of well under 1 perm and are considered to block vapors and other gasses)

For hundreds of years libraries and museums have used magnesia powders inside enclosed bookcases and storage areas to desiccate the air and help prevent the decay of organic artifacts and ancient articles that would have otherwise succumbed the ravages of time from humidity, mold and other environmental factors that cause things to decay and rot.

Magnesiacore as the substrate material together with a variety of selected coatings that weatherproof, waterproof, tint, paint and/or texture to decorate interiors and exteriors while providing the perfect combination for creating building walls and roofs that will breathe naturally with the environment reducing the tendency for humid and stale conditions that give rise to allergenic, moldy and other unhealthy and uncomfortable conditions indoors.

Pictured bellow are test panels with one and two joints that are tested for performance with both filled and with unfilled jointing.

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