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Magnesiacore Inc. being generally a direct distributor of products, deals mostly with businesses to supply them in volume and at wholesale prices. Since we do not yet have many local distribution points for over the counter purchases we do also sell direct to jobsites and projects in areas where we are not locally represented. We do regularly ship in pallet or less than pallet quantities for any size job within locations where we can reach from area depots. We respond to emails promptly and provide you with specific contact information in our reply or will direct you to your area representatives with their contact information to further assist you. When sending emails, please check for reply or read receipts within 24 hours. If no reply or receipt is received resend your email. Emails can be lost in transit due to firewalls and email filters on route which are beyond our control. We do very much appreciate contacts providing us with some basic information about your interest in our product which helps us respond to your requests for information and samples more efficiently. Sincerely, Magnesiacore Inc.

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