Blending Construction Sciences with Art

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Magnesiacore panels come as thin as 1/8″ (3mm). In the thinner thicknesses magnesiacore has found a place as a unique art support panel and canvas for all types of Art works; from watercolours, oils and pastels, to more specialized works in encaustic (color pigments in wax set with heat)… collage renderings… and even 3D raised sculptures pasted together with any kind of adhesive imaginable. In this form magnesiacore is suitable for use as lay in ceiling panels cut to size to fit standard T-bar Ceiling Grids found everywhere in commercial, offices and institutional buildings. As a high quality art support AND excellent lay in place ceiling tile opens the door to vast application of public art displays greater in scope and with more possibilities than historically ever possible to artists everywhere. Many large open public and commercial spaces, recreation centers and institutional auditoriums with bland plain white stippled ceilings tiles in grids can be transformed into novel and expressive artistic works of enormous proportions. Standard size lay in ceiling tile cut to order for 2 x 2, 2 x 4 and 1 x 1 are available by contacting magnesiacore directly through the website www.magnesiacore.com/art. From a more commercial / marketing perspective retail stores now have at their disposal their ceiling spaces as expanded store real estate for applying product signage and directional symbols that will assist movement of customers through today’s larger layout superstores that can require customer traffic management activity and directional mapping to help shoppers find their way around more easily.

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