Brad Nailing Magnesiacore to wood framing

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We have found that the faster and secure method of boarding with magnesiacore to wood framing is by using a finishing nail gun (with finishing nails or brads). The nail holes are virtually not visible and can be filled with painters putty during priming and painting. Finishing nails do not pull out or pull through magnesiacore once gun nailed in. We have also carefully but fairly easily pried off magnesiacore panels with a flat crowbar after it was nail gunned on to wood framing, and are able to reuse it after snipping off parts of the nail that remain firmly in the board without structural damage to the board.


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A simple message for you is “uPgrade your Drywall !” …. and why? In the 1970’s before drywall began to take over as the most common interior wallboard used in North America there were other ways to make partitions. Things like plastering (even with portland cement for higher resistance) troweled on to expanded metal lath or over wood strips as battens, which many people have encountered renovating older homes in North America, are then finished off with fine finishing lime, as example of things preceding today’s paper faced drywall. These older more labor intensive works became more expensive and the expert tradesmen necessary to get a good job done have slowly all but vanished after centuries. This is due to the higher efficiencies gained working with a gypsum board and screws, taped together and filled as we see done in the current faster cheaper methods available. In other parts of the world the plastering methods are still quite common and when wood is not a structural option, walls are built with fired clay block, cinder blocks, or reinforced concrete and then plastered over with lime plasters to make partitions and finished walls ready for painting. In each case options exist for different value and higher quality of construction. Magnesiacore is an upgrade option for your interior and exterior wall boards to give you plaster-like results as a fraction of the cost of plastering, and hence our slogan “uPgrade your Drywall!” to give you our basic message in a nutshell. Feel free to post questions, information and observations related to our product. They will be received by Magnesiacore Inc. Posts that are of interest and provide usefull information will be published and shared on these  info-blog pages. Thank you for visiting, Magnesiacore Inc.