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 by Chinkok Tan


fire lizard
Mosaic Art
by Jackie Anwyl


by Valerie Kent


by June Gauthier


(wax colors fixed with heat)
by Lois Moore


by T.V. Phillips


art on magnesiacore
Encaustic, Acrylic & Oil
by Bruno Capolongo


Lemon Sky original painting
Oil by
Rebecca Grantham Blog


by Lia Marsman


by Lia Marsman


by Maria Carosi


by Maria Carosi


by Maria Carosi


by Maria Carosi








Sample carved & routered
shows work in
three dimensions

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Unique Magnesiacore Art Support (in a solid rigid mineral panel)

(good for all media, adhesives and carving)


Magnesiacore for Art Video
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Magnesiacore material uses magnesium oxide ceramic technology for many beneficial properties as a substrate for durable and unique fine works of art. Magnesiacore panels as thin as 1/8" (3mm) make exceptional art media supports.

fine art rigid mineral panel canvas conveniently delivered to your door and available for immediate online purchasing.
A novel encaustic substrate that is also great with watercolor, oil, acrylics and adhesives. Use our 3mm solid mineral as your unique art canvas.
Ideal for mixed media art canvasboard work including carvings, laminating and working in 3D.

With mixed media; encaustics, adhesives, oil paints, acrylic, watercolors, pastels, plaster and just about anything you can imagine applying to art will fix on to magnesiacore permanently.

Magnesiacore for art has many of the beneficial properties of canvas, paper, hardboard, wood, plaster, concrete and ceramic, all in one integral rigid, yet relatively flexible fired earthen material with inherent elasticity and longevity.

Each canvas board panel is as unique as a snowflake without two panels being exactly alike. These natural variations consistently arise from an earthen fired process to add creativity and distinction to your art work in ways that are not possible with artificial supports produced mechanically and randomly varied to appear more natural.

Magnesiacore is a flexible ceramic-like sponge that is dense but airy with fine microscopic pores that support all media, paints, oils, stains, watercolours and adhesives with 26% absorption and a feel suggestive of soap stone.

As an inorganic material, magnesiacore is highly inert and not damaged by repeated wetting and drying. It resists damage from cycles of freezing and thawing. Will not swell, lose strength or warp after getting wet and dries out unharmed. It is non-combustible and resistant to temperature changes of up to 1500F (800C).

Magnesiacore is non-acidic (Ph of ~10) and resistant to damage from salt, chlorine, ammonia and other similar chemicals.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly; made from all natural earthy materials found everywhere in nature that do not contaminate.

Magnesium oxide is and has been used for hundreds of years by museums and libraries of the world to preserve their antiquities. Artwork rendered on a substrate of inert magnesium oxide will surely outlast any other kind of media support.

Render your artistic works in any medium on (12" x 12"), (18" x 24"), (24" x 24"), (24" x 32"),  (24" x 36"), (36" x 36") and (32" x 48") size panels or cut them to any size with a quick score and snap.

Shown above is a digital photo printed by inkjet and placed inside standard suspended T ceiling grids. Integrate inks, pencils, watercolors, pastels or any medium onto your T-bar ceiling. Your artwork size is limited only by your imagination and ceiling space.

Art eMail For more information, pricing and orders, email us here.

We provide wholesale and retail prices based on volume that start from as little as packs of 6 panels.
Delivery is available to anywhere in North America and elsewhere by common couriers.
All major credit cards accepted - Click our Buy Now Button
Small cut samples can be sent to qualified published artists when quantities are available.

Send us digital pictures of your art on magnesiacore to publish on our website with a link to your website.


Capolongo on Magnesiacore Capolongo on Magnesiacore Capolongo on Magnesiacore Bruno Capolongo, Award Winning Internationally Exhibited Artist: Magnesiacore panels are ideal for artists who want a ready to use and convenient support. I often use the panels unprimed, such as in these three Italian landscapes. While the surface is somewhat more pleasant with a coat or two of gesso, giving the artist more working time with fluid mediums. I find my enthusiasm to just get going on a painting is well served by Magnesiacore panels, which allow me to skip the gesso and wait stages. Wonderfully white in colour, Magnesiacore panels are archival quality and have become my preferred rigid support for many works in acrylic, oil, mixed media and encaustic, and I recommend the panels unreservedly! See demos done with Magnesiacore panels on Hamilton Life TV segments @; click the "?" to view clips. I am always happy to answer technical questions about my experience with Magnesiacore and how I work with the panels. Simply email me at

Here is a video of a painting done on Magnesiacore!
Please share with others – that is why these videos are made!
Bruno Capolongo

and ...a newspaper article. (magnesiacore is the art panel used in these works)
Bruno Capolongo

+ + + + +

fire lizardMy name is Jackie Anwyl, a mosaic artist based in Buckinghamshire England.  I have been working with Magnesiacore for about 18 months and love it. It can survive outside all year in our constantly changing weather with minimal care.   It has allowed me to fulfil one of my aspirations; to create and design portable mosaic art work for the garden.  This fire lizard adorns a garden wall and can be moved or repositioned when the mood takes. 



Thank you Jackie  J A Mosaics 

+ + + + +

sunflowersI tried working on a large piece of magnesiacore and created a painting that won People's Choice Award a the Beaux-Arts Brampton 7th Anniversary show this year.

Thank you.


R.M. Nicolucci, Artist


+ + + + +

Bruno Capolongo, Award Winning Internationally Exhibited Artist:art on magnesiacore
Seen here is a selection from the Eye Candy series by Canadian artist Bruno Capolongo, an award winning internationally exhibited artist. All works are on cradled 1/8" Magnesiacore panels, and include encaustic, acrylic and oil paintings. Sizes vary. With Bruno Capolongo's superior encaustic medium (developed and rigorously tested by the artist in 2005 with the assistance of two graduate students from Sheridan College) Magnesiacore panels require no prep work or heating. Bruno Capolongo's encaustic medium forms such a bond on the smooth side of Magnesiacore that it could not be separated from panels even under heavy abuse. While Capolongo's unique encaustic blend is not available in art stores, purchase or sample inquiries may be made by contacting the artist at To see more work by the artist, including encaustics, please visit .

+ + + + +

Chinkok Tan, Artist and Writer:  "I have tried watercolor on the magnesiacore board and liked it. I think the boards are good for many uses. I personally like to use it for watercolor."

+ + + + +

Valerie Kent, Artist and Writer: "I have done some watercolour painting on Magnesiacore to test it as a new product for artists.  It is a hard flat material which has both a smooth and a textured side.  It comes in any size up to 48" x 96" and from 3 mm (1/8") to 20 mm (over 3/4") thick and can be laminated together to make thicker or even for blocks which are suitable for carving (and then painting).
Magnesiacore is non-acidic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and very inert.  It does not have to be framed under glass, but varnished with Krylon, for use with watercolours.
It can also be used for other mediums, oil, acrylic and other.  The surface can be varnished like other supports.  Artists are now experimenting with it to see how far they can take it. 
I also used mine for doing a monoprint.  I painted on it and then put wet paper on it to print and it came out very well.  The trick to doing it well is to put the paint on in a creamy consistency.  That is similar to what you have to do on the smooth side.  In any case, it worked rather well.

+ + + + +


June Gauthier, Artist and Writer:  "I painted on the rough side & it certainly eats up the pastels but the effect is worth it."

In the Pastel Artists Canada Winter Newsletter 2006, June wrote... "I used the texture side and loved it. The texture seems to hold the colours up to the light and they just sparkle, putting glass in front of the painting took some of this sparkle away, so I am off to the art supply store to see what I can use to hold the pigments on the board without destroying the colour. The smooth side works well with a coat of Golden's Acrylic Ground for Pastels or Art Spectrum's Pastel Primer."

+ + + + +

T. V. Phillips, Artists25:   (Artists 25 Non-profit Art Studio; an open studio that has presented painting and drawing sessions from the model for more than 25 years.) "I did an oil on the rough side. First pencil drawing reinforced with thin solvent and paint followed by overall strong colour washes. After overall washes the painting was developed with colour mixed using paint directly from the tube. The adhesion to the rough side is good. The material can be cut with a scratch on the smooth side and broken on a table ledge. I am very pleased with the resulting figure painting."

+ + + + +

Lois Moore, Encaustic Artist & Mixed Media:  "There are five panels on this.  They are done with encaustic individually, then glued to a wooden background, which was attached to a frame that's 1.75" deep. I have one panel left over and I will use it one of these days when I get some more to go with it. This was a successful venture and I enjoyed using the magnesiacore for the substrate.  The wax went right into it.  I like the outcome very much. Size is 12" x 40"

+ + + + +

Thea Haubrich, Encaustic Artist & Mixed Media ( 
With this piece I made a connection between our natural world, the tree shape, and our digital age, the image to the right, which is comprised of a printed circuit board for an ISDN modem. The digital connections intertwine with the branches of the tree, stimulating new growth.
Working method: I coated the 3mm magnesiacore panel with gel medium, pressed the circuit board into it, put more gel medium around it. Then textured it with a spatula and waited for the gel medium to dry overnight. Encaustic wax was melted in tins on a hotplate, applied with paint brushes, then fused with a hot air gun. Details added with the Stylus. It is incredibly textured. At some places almost 1/2 inch thick.
From the side it looks like a city with high-rises and highways!


+ + + + +

D.D. Gagjanski, Attached are images of the paintings that I demonstrated for my students. The two day workshop is dealing with experimentation in art with acrylic media which is what I have used in samples attached. I loved the feel of painting on this surface (magnesiacore) and it is very suited to painting watermedia on it. Watercolour is also very successful with appropriate approach.

Angels Series created on magnesiacore panels by D.D. Gagjanski.
gagjanski art series Gagjanski Art  gagjanski art series gagjanski art series

+ + + + +

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Available in select Art Supply Stores: Please email us for locations with retail stock in your local area.

Preparation and cleaning: The magnesiacore surface is suitable for receiving most paints and sealers without surface preparation. Different surface effects can be created by rubbing with steel wool to polish or alternatively with light sandpaper to dull the surface. Because magnesiacore is a solid integral material without a separate skin any amount of surface can be worn away (with sandpaper or steel wool) to expose new surface material below without damage.

Smooth or Textured: Either side of magnesiacore can be used to render different effects in your art work. There is no separate skin material and both sides are one with the core. One side is machine ground to give it a uniform textured effect. By using sandpaper or steel wool on the textured side smooth areas can be created allowing both smooth and textured areas on the same painted surface.

Delivery and Warranty: We deliver using UPS which takes from 24 hours to 5 days to reach most places in North America. Package are sent well protected from damage. Any boards damaged by couriers will be refunded including prorated shipping costs.

Framing Suggestions: Magnesiacore is highly inert and does not require glass or other coverings for indoor use. Artistic renderings can be sealed and left exposed including watercolours.

Cutting and trimming: Magnesiacore can be cut with a utility knife (by scoring and snap), or cut with a fine wood saw or jigsaw in curves. Cut edges can be sanded smooth and finished to your preference. Any desired framing can be directly attached to magnesiacore.

Art eMail For more information, pricing and ordering, email us!


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