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Last modified: August 30, 2019

Magnesiacore Indoor Pool Drywall Ceiling & Wallboard


Magnesiacore Inc. has perfect pool drywall wall boarding systems for indoor pools, natatorium, and other wet building areas and similar enclosed spaces with highly humid and chemically reactive environments.

Magnesiacore used as a marine drywall or sheetrock for pool drywall building interiors is safe from damage by salt, chlorine, and similar chemical laden water. Together with suitable joint fillers and coatings provide easy applications and novel architectural solutions.

Unique pool ceiling and pool sheetrock panel layouts using any geometric tile pattern or seamless swimming pool drywall finish with excellent pool room acoustics in one versatile solid mineral material that does not react with chlorines and salts. 

Regardless of the underlying framing material (i.e. wood, metal or masonry) our wall and ceiling drywall systems result in resistant interior enclosures ready for paint and/or textured coatings as desired. We provide easy, fast, seamless wallboard methods that are better and less costly than other options for indoor pool environments and similar buildings.

Some features of our assemblies include walls, floors and ceilings that avoid landing panel joints over studs or framing which results in true seamless walls with perfectly flush joints reducing points of failure common with other boarding systems.

For additional information or questions please contact us by email 24/7. We have a wealth of unique ideas for indoor swimming pool ceilings and walls as well as pool house interiors and construction details.

Pool Room Wall and Ceiling Board:

Mixed natural wood and panel finishes for an enclosed residential pool room subject to high humidity, chlorine, mold  damage in the closed space of a very cold climate. Interior walls and ceiling sections done in magnesiacore, jointed and filled with highly resistant filler. Cedar strips used on slopes. Decorative coating applied directly without wet plaster base coat.

Highly resistant drywall boarding for Exotic Fish breeding and Salt Ocean Reef grow operation: Magnesiacore is used for this interior wall boarding project to resist the harsh and demanding indoor environment required for elaborate salt water aquarium tank habitats with water, air piping and auto control systems.

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For additional information or questions please contact us by email 24/7.

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