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Last modified: August 10, 2017

MagnesiaCore's GreenFrame System

Magnesiacore Inc. has identified the most environmentally conscious building by framing solution to provide you with the strongest possible structure for the lightest weight in material used... and all with the fastest installation time, that needs the least amount of skill to do it right. The Magnesiacore and GreenFrame development of a wall, floor and roof system assembly gives an integral solution that works together for state of the art construction means and methods.

The GreenFrame system is all steel framing meaning that it is fully recyclable and made from actual steel. Steel is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly of building material due to its natural abundance and the simple fact that it is always 100% eternally recyclable. It's not likely to become a waste material in the future. Virtually all steel ever produced by mankind is still used again and again and considered a valuable metal even as scrap. It is one of the few building materials that can be easily recycled for the very same uses for an unlimited number of times and impacts on the environment only when it was first created. Most other recyclable material will end up as waste at some point, are not generally reused again for the same purpose originally created, mined, refined and/or harvested. Steel on the other hand is an eternal resource that remains forever useful for future generations thus impacting on the environment less from its perpetual existence than many renewable resources which must be recreated each time they are needed.

Magnesiacore has also identified the most economical structure provided by the repeating of simple geometric triangles as the basis of the strength for the GreenFrame design. We believe the triangle cannot be improved upon to make anything stronger and lighter using less volume of any material.

For seismic zones, earthquake, high winds, tornadoes, typhoons and hurricane prone areas, Magnesiacore's GreenFrame System cannot be surpassed by any other method of construction for it's speed, precision, lightness of weight, structural stability and inherent structural flexibility. Furthermore, because the components are each designed to be more error-proof than other methods of framing, it does not rely as much on the skills of the worker to do it right. The material comes together naturally to be square, plum and true to the structural requirements with less risk of failure by carelessness or sloppy workmanship.

For single family buildings or multi-storey structures our GreenFrame framing system can eliminate all other structural building materials from wood, to masonry, to reinforced concrete, precast or heavy steel construction elements. GreenFrame is suitable for building up to six storey high before needing reinforcing points of concrete or heavier structural steel elements. Additional benefits are provided from building the fine details truly square and flush for floors and walls that will more closely resemble furniture and fine carpentry work than will any possible concrete or plastering or masonry job regardless of skills.

GreenFrame GreenFrame GreenFrame Green Frame  office facade GreenFrame magnesiacore GreenFrame

profile cord wall clips joist web

Custom building design solutions are available from Magnesiacore with direct palletized jobsite delivery in precut bundled kits with assembly drawings for shipping to any global destination in as little as 30 to 60 days from final design approval. Each project is made to order following the architectural layout and design you provide us for fast, easy, on-site, low tech framing assembly that uses simple connection and goes up faster than traditional wood framing.

For additional information or questions please contact us by email 24/7.


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